Friday, 23 June 2017

5 Underrated ABBA Songs

It’s no secret that I love ABBA – they’re probably my favourite band of all time – and I’m singing one of their songs if not the La La Land soundtrack. Here are some songs of theirs that I don’t think get enough love.

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1. When All is Said and Done

I feel like a lot of people were put off this song because of Pierce Brosnan’s rendition of it in the 2007 Mamma Mia! Film and I want to try to put those people back on track. The original version is much more upbeat (and better sung, as I hope would be obvious). I love the harmonies between Frida (Anni-Frid) and Agnetha and I think that the lyrics are incredible – a true testament to Bjorn, who wrote this song about the divorce of Frida and Benny – and really suit a more acoustic version as the one they attempted in Mamma Mia, though I’d like to see a better version in the future maybe (no offence Pierce!).

2. The Day Before You Came

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good story-song! This one is great. It describes the daily routine of a woman (sung by Agnetha) before she met the person she would now fall in love with. I just love getting wrapped up in the character and the little details they mention in the lyrics are what I live for. It actually inspired me to write my Day in the Life post, as I find the ordinary and seemingly mundane so fascinating. I just love story songs so much! 

3. Cassandra

For this, I just want to say: I’m soorryy Cassandra that no one believed youuuuuu!!!!

With that done, this song is based on the Greek mythological story of Cassandra, who was given to King Agamemnon as a slave and mistress. So, if you’re into Classics, this may be interesting for you!

4. Soldiers

This is an anti-war song with a beautiful melody, I think. It was written around the time of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan and of the Cold War in general, so shows a plea against the breakout of violence on either side.

5. Hole in Your Soul

I find this song to be so fun. It’s different from what most people would first think of when associating a type of music with ABBA, as this is often referred to as a rock and roll song. A great song to dance along to.

What are some ABBA songs you think don’t get enough appreciation? Or any underrated song by another artist for that matter!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

5 Blogging Goals: Revisited

Time to review my blogging goals for the year. Here’s how I’m doing:

1. Reach 50, 000 views

I accomplished this very early on in the year! My views had a boost at the beginning of the year, but have recently declined due to my focus on exams, revision, coursework and other projects. But they’re increasing every day and I am currently at 64, 964 total views (at the time of writing) for all you nosy lot.

2. Publish 90 posts

This one I’ll hopefully complete, seeing as I now have around 50 posts published and it’s over half way through the year. I have lots of posts planned (basically until September time) and if I can get them pre-written, I know that will help me keep on track before I hit properly start my second year of A levels.

3. Write at least 10 political posts

I have written 6 political blog posts (from the time of writing), and I have a few more planned to write, so I don’t think this one will be a huge problem to achieve.

4. Try to do 2 sponsored posts

I haven’t done this one yet. I’m still not very confident about approaching brands, but I have received some books for review and hopefully, this will be easier to accomplish once I’m 18 in October.

5. Do another collab

Completed! Back in February, myself and Ashleigh (Love Ashleigh, previously Not a Typical Teenager) did a collab all about the different subjects we study at A Level (for me, humanities, and for her, science and maths). I really enjoyed it and hope it helped anyone currently in education!

This is how my blogging goals are going, how has your progress gone?

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